The Best Green Spaces in Sydney

The Best Green Spaces in Sydney

Well, I think that we can say that spring has officially sprung. I was absolutely roasting yesterday, and I finally broke out my shorts after months of bobble hats and fluffy coats. What else is better than relaxing in green spaces when the sun is out? The city is great and all, but sometimes you just need a bit of nature: a patch of grass to lie on, unobstructed clouds to gaze at, birds to listen to (as long as they’re not Ozzie magpies)… Well, I’m here to help you find your perfect spot from the best green spaces in Sydney.

Green Space 1: Hyde Park

The easiest and most convenient green space in Sydney to find, Hyde Park offers you a mixture of shady trees (as in no sun, not creepy), fountains, monuments, and grassy patches to veg out on. It’s pretty much in the CBD of the city, with the exits of Museum and St James’ stations leading into it. What’s convenient is the proximity to the city, so you can grab your lunch and a coffee to go and dine al fresco. That obviously can also be slightly inconvenient, as there is no hope of drowning out the sounds of the city.


In the evenings, you can spot the possums in the trees, although be careful of crazy little sugar gliders as one attacked my boyfriend when we were walking through there at night. Probably one of the funniest things that I’ve ever seen to date.


Ratings of Hyde Park green space in Sydney out of 10:

Number of People: 4

Tranquility: 3

Freshness: 4

Traffic Sounds: 2


Green Space 2: Bondi to Coogee Walk


Bondi to Coogee Walk

Bondi to Coogee Walk

If you Google search ‘walks in Sydney’, you are bound to come across the Bondi to Coogee walk. Bondi beach itself is a pretty nice open space, but I’ve purposefully not included any beaches in this post (mainly because there are so many I can’t possibly even begin rate them). The coastal walk is not arduous, and is done entirely on a cemented track. Saying that, when I did it some of the pathway had fallen away, so we had to go off piste a little. The views of the ocean are terrific, and at the right time of year with a keen eye, you can spot the migrating whales.


Start at Bondi Icebergs and head south, and you pass a whole load of little coastal suburbs. This is great for finding yourself refreshments, but obviously most coastal places are pretty expensive. A popular website that I used informed me that the walk would take about two and a half hours, which is absolute bull. It took us just over an hour that was actually pretty disappointing.


Ratings of Bondi to Coogee green space in Sydney out of 10:

Number of People: 2

Tranquility: 5

Freshness: 8

Traffic Sounds: 8


Green Space 3: Royal Botanical Gardens


The Royal Botanical Gardens are absolutely huge. They run from the city down to Sydney Harbour, which makes access pretty darn easy. Depending on where you are, you might have views out over the harbor, or straight at the Opera House. Last time that I was there, there was a skywriting proposal, it’s that idyllic!


Like Hyde Park, it offers flowers, trees, monuments, and water features, so there’s a spot for everyone.


Ratings of the Royal Botanical Gardens green space in Sydney out of 10:

Number of People: 7 (depending on where you are)

Tranquility: 5

Freshness: 7

Traffic Sounds: 8


Green Space 4: Chinese Garden of Friendship

Chinese Gardens of Friendship

Chinese Gardens of Friendship


The Chinese Garden of Friendship is hands down one of the hidden gems of Sydney. Located behind the Darling Quarter, the high walls hide it from the outside world. I walk past it every day and would hear the running water, and I never realised what it was until I stopped and had a proper look.


Entry is $6, and it’s well worth it. It boast a lake, waterfalls, and lots of little shady spots to hang out in, whilst learning about the relationship that Sydney and the whole country have with China.


Although it’s in the city, you can easily lose yourself in a little Chinese bubble. On top of that, there’s a tea house at the end of the garden, so you can refuel and refresh yourself, both physically and culturally!


Ratings of the Chinese Garden of Friendship green space out of 10:

Number of people: 5

Tranquility: 8

Freshness: 5

Traffic Sounds: 6


Green Space 5: Wentworth Falls, the Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

OK, so I know that this isn’t technically in Sydney, but it’s super easy to get there and doesn’t cost you much. Also, if you’re spending more than a couple of days in Sydney, you’re going to want to go to the Blue Mountains anyway. I know that there are companies that offer walking tours up in the mountains, but there is really no need for that: you’re a strong, independent woman/man, you don’t need no tour company.


Get the train from Central to Wentworth Falls, walk from the station to the information hut and do the National Pass walk. It’s rated as hard, but I’m not particularly fit and I managed to do it. There are a tonne of waterfalls, breathtaking views, and a staircase that nearly gave me a heart attack. It’s so nice to take a proper break from the city once in a while, and this definitely topped up my need for nature.


Ratings of Wentworth Falls green space out of 10:

Number of people: 8

Tranquility: 10

Freshness: 10

Traffic Sounds: 10


Have you checked out any other green spaces in Sydney that get you in touch with nature? Been to any of the places that I’ve mentioned? Let me know if so, I’m always looking for new things to do!



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  1. Very interesting and great to have a snapshot of “regular” things to do that don’t cost a bomb and easy to access.


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