A Day Out in… Totnes

A Day Out in… Totnes

Devon is such a great place for experiencing real English country life. You’ve got the rolling moorlands, the seaside towns, and the happy, hippy, historical town of Totnes.

Totnes is about 22 miles from Exeter towards Plymouth, and is renowned as being a transition town. If you go there, you will be greeted by a sea of dyed wool, and perhaps the occasional sniff of certain green substances. The inhabitants live off a diet of organic and local food, and the town even has its own currency: the Totnes pound.

Parking in Totnes

If you want a day out, parking can be a little tricky, but there are several car parks around the town, including that of a Morrisons at the bottom of town. As with most of Devon, the prices of parking will vary throughout the year, so it’s worth checking out the local council website before you visit, for more information.

Historical Totnes

The most famous landmark of Totnes is undoubtedly the listed Norman castle, proudly sitting at the top of a hill. The surviving stone has been dated all the way back to the 14th century – so that’s pretty impressive.

Around Totnes you will find several museums, and if you are looking to spend the day there, you will definitely have enough time to visit them.

Totnes Market

Market assortments...

Market assortments…

Totnes market runs every Friday, and sells a mixture of foods from local businesses, and a bizarre mix-match of products, from fur coats to chisels. I highly recommend the Common Loaf Bakery stall, run by a fabulously friendly (but slightly camera shy) fellow who produces delectable cookies and breads, baked the ‘old fashioned way’ using overnight fermentation. He threw in an extra cookie when my Dad and I bought a selection – obviously a massive thumbs up from me!

The Common Loaf Bakery Stall

The Common Loaf Bakery Stall

Eating in Totnes

You will find lots of coffee shops around the town if you fancy a quick cuppa, and most of them bake their own goods. If you are looking for a heartier meal, check out the Waterside Bistro for a place by the estuary.

Nearby, you can find the Coppa Dolla Inn and Restaurant, with a traditional English pub interior displaying an array of knick knacks from times gone by. They are famous for their half and half pies, that again, I can assure you are fantastic.

Shopping in Totnes

Due to the natural, homemade atmosphere of Totnes, you will find that there are a lot of crafty and gift shops around the town. It was thanks to one of these that I picked up an old hobby of cross stitch, which incidentally is an awesome hobby to have when travelling. If you are a crafty person, or you want to be, then any of the shop assistants will help guide you in the right direction for you.


Have you ever been to Totnes, or know of a town similar? Are you a lover of crafts and fresh produce? What are you experiences? Let me know!

Daddy Daughter Day

Daddy Daughter Day


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