The Two Types of Traveller

The Two Types of Traveller

Today I got back from a long-awaited and highly expensive holiday with my boyfriend. It was as we were preparing to fly back from Cairns to Sydney this morning that I realised for the first time that we have a completely opposite method of travelling, which makes for a highly stressful two hours: goodbyyyye fingernails. In an attempt to make light of this situation, here is a (hopefully) comical post on the two types of traveller (HAHAHA I’m FINE, honestly).

Type 1 – Me

  • Most likely has a trip itinerary, maybe even has a money belt and/or document wallet – hey, don’t hate on my organizational skills.
  • Makes a packing list, most likely including ‘just in case’ items that won’t even leave their suitcase on the holiday.
  • Packs suitcase 24 hours before departure.
  • Frets over the weight of their case in case they have to pay $25 a kilo (here’s looking at you, Tigerair).
  • Frets over the weight and size of their hand luggage in case it won’t fit in the overhead lockers.
  • Books transport to the airport well in advance of the departure day.
  • Arrives at the airport the moment that check-in opens, so there’s plenty of time to browse duty free, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a cheese croissant.
  • Spends at least half an hour sitting at the flight gate pre-boarding wondering why they got to the airport so early.

Type 2 – My boyfriend

  • Doesn’t even know how long they are going on holiday for. Doesn’t know where they are staying. Is probably unsure of which city they are even flying into.
  • Due to not knowing the location of the holiday, has no idea of what kind of luggage they should be taking. Has no clean clothes the day of departure, so ends up taking three t shirts, swimming shorts, and a full suitcase of diving gear.
  • Packs the morning of the flight, about thirty minutes before departure.
  • Doesn’t even consider the fact that their dive gear weighs a lot, so will undoubtedly be overweight, not learning from past experiences of having to give away a full suitcase of belongings at Dubai airport. Ends up offloading additional items to unsuspecting Type 1 girlfriend.
  • Hand luggage is bigger and heavier than Type 1 girlfriend.
  • Relies entirely on there being an Uber available the minute that we have to depart to the airport. If booking a shuttle, completely ignores what their Type 1 girlfriend asked them to do, and books it at a later time so she spends the entire journey biting off her nails (you had ONE JOB, James).
  • Arrives at the airport five minutes before check-in closes, which makes for a stressful experience when their luggage is overweight. Has to order any food to go, so Type 1 girlfriend has to stuff it in her face standing over a bin when they don’t let her on the plane with a hot drink.
  • Walks straight onto the plane as the last travellers.

I will admit that I’m far less of a Type 1 traveller now compared to two years ago. There’s been several occasions where I’ve nearly missed my flight because I never checked my boarding card and went off my intuition (sorry, Mum), or strolled on to my flight with about 20 kilos of hand luggage on my back, including a hula hoop.


We had an absolutely awesome holiday away together, and being fairly opposite of one another when travelling actually evens itself out quite well. He relies on me to have everything booked and all our documents in order, and he helps me avoid long waiting times.


Which type of traveller are you? Do you travel in a couple of with friends who are the opposite of you? I’d love to hear what you are in the comments section!




  1. I was just remembering that certain occasion, when reading what an Awesome Type 1 traveller you are (chip off the old), when I had no time to get tearful over my Baby leaving the UK because we had to run to find the check-in desk, run to passport control with minutes before the gate was due to close, because this Awesome Type 1 traveller had failed to check the flight departure time. And what a really really really nice check-in girl, without whom one certain Type 1 Traveller might never have started said travels, what Jess?

    • ACTUALLY mum, I think you’ll find that was the time I flew to Thailand, by the time of which I considered myself a seasoned traveller. The first time that I ever left, that you were saying goodbye to your baby for the first time, I happily told the check-in man that I was moving to the UAE ‘to work’ without a visa, with no address as to where I was working, where I was living, or any real contact details…


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